Ahora, después de todo: película de terror "Miedo alemán" obtiene la aprobación FSK-18 - sin cortar

Now after all: horror movie "German fear" gets FSK-18 approval – uncut

The second attempt worked: after the FSK initially rejected the approval of “German Angst”, the appeals authority decided to approve the German horror film from the age of 18. “German Angst” was not disabled.

Pierrot le fou

Fortunately, we were wrong with our cautious forecast. In our review of “German Angst” we suspected that the horror anthology would not be approved by the FSK for the second time at the age of 18, but that is exactly what happened, as you can see on the Facebook page of the film. . The distributor appealed against the first decision not to label “German Angst” in the original full version with the label “FSK from 18”. The second instance, the main committee composed of seven people, has now decided a rating of 18.

The committee members had to observe some unpleasant scenes before making a decision. Berlin horror “German Angst” is, “it really hurts a lot when you look at it.” But because the creators really have a say and are launching a “radical and brutal attack on the soul of the German people” rather than just stupidly slaughtering, we recommend the horror movie and give it 4 stars.

“German Angst” consists of three episodes, starring directors Jörg Buttgereit (“Nekromantik”), Andreas Marschall (“Tears of Kali”) and Michal Kosakowski (“Zero Killed”).

The Berlin Abyss of “German Angst” will be released on May 7, 2015 in select theaters. If you’d rather get punched in the stomach at home, wait until May 15, when the horror flick will be on dealer shelves. And already in March the film can be seen at Fantasy Filmfest Nights.