Ahora Amazon quiere vender sus propios dispositivos inteligentes para el hogar

Now Amazon wants to sell its own smart home devices

Now Amazon wants to sell its own smart home devices

Ring, a subsidiary of Amazon, is preparing simple LEDs for smart homes that will likely be available soon.

Until now, Amazon has mainly provided devices that serve as the basis for or can control smart home devices. It should be different in the future. The Amazon Ring subsidiary is known to be in the process of bringing its own smart bulb to markets. So a controllable smart LED. Through language, application, etc. That’s probably just the beginning, I would definitely have more hardware for the future.

Ring Prepares Market Launch of Smart LED Lamps

In any case, it is exciting that Amazon does not sell these devices directly, but under the Ring brand. No further details are known about the new lamp, we will have to wait and see. There is also no price or release date. Various ring hardware are already available directly from Amazon in Germany.