Ahora, la candidata de licenciatura Svenja también está ajustando cuentas con Daniel

Now, bachelor’s candidate Svenja is also settling accounts with Daniel

Daniel had sex with these candidates

As an informant from the production company informed Bild, Daniel not only disappeared into the hotel room after his “dream dates” with the last three women, Svenja, Carina and Kristina, but also ended up in bed.“Apparently, I wanted to get to know the candidates closely again.”the informant said.

Yes, of course, what man does not even want to experience first hand how his chosen ones behave in bed to be able to choose who also suits him best. So we would have expected a little more restraint, because kissing with five women is one thing, but sharing a bed with three is insane. Who will then be his chosen one? We bet on Svenja, she likes sex too, as she once said so kindly in one episode.

Bachelor 2018: Daniel Völz does not rule out sex in front of the camera

The first episode of the new 2018 Bachelor season was shown yesterday, which we, like every year, were eager to see. Although we got a preview of the show with pictures in advance, seeing the candidates and the bachelor’s degree “live in action” is another matter. But who is Daniel Völz, the new 2018 Bachelor, really?

The online website Express.de wanted to investigate this question and interviewed Daniel Völz. In it he revealed an interesting detail: The magazine asked him what it would be like with sex in front of the camera. Fair question, after all, the bachelorette party Jessica probably already had sex with a candidate. And Daniel definitely wouldn’t rule it out!