Ahora viene una película de "Los magos de Waverly Place

Now comes a movie of "Wizards of Waverly Place

Well, we thought the idea of ​​a new season with well-known characters Alex, Justin and company was great, because of course we’re interested in how things will go with them. But we think the idea of ​​a new movie is almost better. According to Greenwald, it should not be a television but a Moving picture Act. And he also wants the old team back with him when the movie is produced; sadly, it is not yet clear. “It will not be exactly the “Wizard” we were used to. The same characters will be there, but everything will be produced at a much higher quality and on a higher budget. It’s going to be gigantic and cool. But it should definitely be PG-13 (Editor’s note: roughly corresponds to FSK 12) “says Greenwald.

So we hope that the producer’s plans can be carried out and that Sel and company will definitely play along!

(10.01.2017) New episodes of “The Wizards of Waverly Place”?

Producer Todd Greenwald seems to have given more thought to how the characters in “The Wizards of Waverly Place” should continue than previously thought.

+++ The producer gives more information +++

Selena and David’s discussion was not only about their own characters, but also about Max, their serial brother. Here the two did not agree on what would happen to him after he lost his strength. But Todd Greenwald knows exactly. Said Max had sold his sandwich shop and juices were now offered there. He was also paid in juices for his store.