Sin contacto: finalmente quiero usar mis tarjetas de débito con Google Pay

Now even a hotel chain is throwing away the cash

Also in Germany a different attitude towards cash is slowly spreading. Some companies no longer accept it, they only accept cards.

What can be seen more frequently in various countries is now slowly coming to Germany. The stores don’t use cash, they only accept digital money for payments. This does not mean crypto currencies, but it is still the good euro. Only the form of payment is different today. Plastic cards are used instead of paper and metal. Optionally, however, also smartphones and smart watches. Google Pay, Apple Pay. The main thing is cashless, preferably contactless.

“In our digital age, cash has lost its legitimacy from both an ecological and economic perspective.”

Businesses don’t just make friends with him, cash is particularly popular in Germany. In the case of the Prizeotel group of hotels, however, cash payments only represented 10% of total sales and will therefore no longer be possible in the future. According to the hotel chain, cash is being used less and less, but cash handling costs and bureaucratic effort continue to rise. It was only a matter of time before this payment method stopped being accepted.


Restaurant only allows card payments and allows cash advocates to cook