Störung bei O2

O2 Failure: No Internet Due to DSL Failure [behoben]

Störung bei O2

“Munich 81735, total DSL failure.” “Berlin does not work.” “There is no internet or landline in Lübeck 23556”. This and something like that they read a lot of crash reports that O2 customers posted on the internet Thursday morning. There is still no information on the causes that led to the malfunction. The DSL glitch has been fixed again since around 7:30 am

Only O2’s fixed line customers were reportedly affected by the current outage. Because the error messages were limited in most cases to DSL and landline errors. The mobile internet on the O2 cellular network could still be used in the morning without any problem.

The cause of the DSL failure is still unclear

“In the course of technical work on a core network element, there may be regional restrictions for fixed line customers between 3 am and 6 am,” an O2 spokesperson said at the request of Inside Digital. “The work was completed this morning to make the affected fixed line customers fully available again.”

If the O2 DSL fault on your connection persists, it may be helpful to completely disconnect your DSL router from the power source for several minutes and then put it back into operation.

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