Obama critica a Kanye West

Obama criticizes Kanye West

Obama criticizes Kanye West

How Kanye West at the MTV VMAs burst onto the stage to proclaim that Taylor Swift the award “Best female video” he didn’t deserve, he probably wouldn’t have dreamed that criticism of himself would reach the White House.

In addition to countless stars like Rosa, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus or 50 cents, now also has Barack Obama made her statement about Kanye’s noisy behavior. The US president’s statement reached the public quite unintentionally: During an interview with a television station, the cameras were not yet on when a reporter approached Obama about the Kanye Taylor incident. The president then spoke up close and personal and announced: “This young woman looks very good. She gets an award and what is he doing up there? He is a complete idiot ”. What you didn’t know: His statement was recorded – check out the clip!

Since then, Kanye has apologized for his behavior multiple times, first on his website, then to American talk show host Jay Leno, and even to Taylor Swift in person with a phone call. Taylor has since forgiven him: “Kanye called me and his apology was very honest, I accepted his apology”she said across the street MTV.com.

(Photo: Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards – Getty Images)