Oferta para MeDusch: la ducha fría ya está disponible en Netto

Offer for MeDusch: the cold shower is now available at Netto

Offer for MeDusch: the cold shower is now available at Netto

“The den of lions”

The cold season is beginning and what can be more relaxing than a hot and cold bath? Unfortunately, many apartments do not have a bathtub, but you don’t have to do without the soothing fumes. At least that is what the founder of MeDusch (formerly MediDusch) promises, who presented her innovative shower foam with essential oils at “Die Höhle der Löwen” – with success: all the lions wanted a deal. We show you where you can buy the MeDusch cold shower now.

Cold shower instead of full bath

A bath with medicated bath products can help both with an emerging cold and with tension and sore muscles. But if you do not have a bathtub at home, you can only turn to healing ointments. Founder Jacqueline Torres Martínez wants to change that: Due to the lack of alternatives, she has developed two products that should also develop their beneficial essential oils while showering. The special: A strong aroma rises when you shower, but the essential oils evaporate so you don’t smell too strong of the products afterwards. In addition to essential oils, shower foams are based on nourishing avocado and almond oils, while no microplastics, perfumes or silicones have been used.

MeDusch shower foams are already available in two types on Amazon: cold weather with eucalyptus and menthol and regeneration time with rosemary and arnica. You can get the set of 2 for just under 14 euros:

The products are not only a practical alternative for those who do not have a bathtub at home, they are also more sustainable than bathroom products: a full bathroom consumes a lot of energy and water, a short shower only a fraction.

All the lions wanted to attack

Nils Glagau was also interested, but two other lions got the deal.

MeDusch products are not yet in drugstores and pharmacies, but we already have them discovered online at Netto. The week before, Yammbits sugar-free snacks hit the shelves at Netto. It is not surprising that the founder of “Die Höhle der Löwen” still presents her products under the original MediDusch name. The former pharmaceutical representative could hardly save herself from attractive offers. Finally, he chose the offer of Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmelwho, in addition to an investment, also offered him a poster campaign throughout Germany.

Danger! A handshake on the show doesn’t mean the deal will actually go through. In hindsight these were still broken:

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