¡Oh árbol de Navidad!  En Navidad nos vestimos de verde - ¡en nuestros ojos!

Oh Christmas tree! At Christmas we wear green – in our eyes!

Oh Christmas tree!  At Christmas we wear green - in our eyes!

Lemongrass, bamboo, pistachio, olive, emerald – these exotic names are not just any delicacy, but the latest green trend colors in beauty and cosmetics. Green in the eyes: This is no longer considered exotic or too daring, but also, if you know how, it can look classy, ​​elegant and glamorous. And why should the makeup of the holidays and upcoming festivities always be with the classic “golden eyes and red lips” outfit? Our trend suggestion for this Christmas? Iridescent green eyes in all shades and variations! Find out here and in our image gallery how you can best showcase your eyes in green trending colors.

Oh Christmas tree! If this year you must reinterpret the perennial classic among Christmas carols, do so with the right makeup: bright green eyes go against almost all colors and harmonize with the correct one, contrary to popular skepticism. Lipstick. What to look for, and how to put the green show into practice, now we tell you:

Exciting variety of shades – from fresh grass green to majestic emerald green

The green color palette is particularly exciting again this year and above all diverse: from light fresh grass green, soft mint, metallic shimmering khaki, strong moss green, royal emerald green to color mix exotic bronze, sand or mauve is the creative implementation of color. there are no limits to hope. The good news is that there is a matching green shade for every skin and hair type.

Cool summer or winter? Look for deep, rich green tones with a bluish undertone: cool, dark emerald green, metallic khaki, or icy mint green; These are shades that perfectly match your complexion, as well as the color of your skin and hair. Laura Mercier’s “Crème Eyeliner” dark green, Dior’s “Pied de Poule” silver-green eyeshadow palette or Smashbox’s “Deep Ivy” metallic cream shadow are ideal shades for your individual Christmas makeup. Be sure to match your jewelry to your chosen shade of green – cool green is best paired with cool silver jewelry or sparkling white gemstones.

Warm spring or fall type? They tend to have a warm basic tone to their skin and hair, so they should go for warm green tones with a mustard yellow, brown or gold tint. For example, Collistar’s Shimmering Gold Eyeshadow in shade # 10 “Golden Green,” Burberry’s “Complete Eye Palette” in “Sage Green” with earthy and brown undertones, or Clinique’s Fresh Grass Green “Lemongrass.” . It is best to combine gold or rose colored jewelery and cream colored pearls in a delicate nude shade with the warm golden green.

Noble eyeliner or effective smoky eyes – whatever you want is allowed

If you have already decided on a suitable color, the second part now follows: The shape and design of the green glow. We are excited about many different eye makeups this Christmas. An exciting variant of the classic smoky eyes are, for example, smoky eyes in striking green tones.

Is that how it works:

First step: As a foundation, apply a light foundation around the eye area. This visually brightens up the skin area and makes your eyes look more alert. To fix this primer, you can also apply a touch of colorless powder to the eye area.

Second step: Draw a line on the upper eyelid with a kohl pencil or eyeliner, very close to the lash line. Choose a black, blue, or metallic shade if you’re using a cool green palette to make up your smoky eyes, or a warm, earthy dark brown shade if you’ve chosen a warm color palette.

Third step: Now apply the darkest shade from your eyeshadow palette to the upper eyelid from lash line to crease. The lower eyeliner can also be painted with the darker shade of eyeshadow. The lighter shade now enters the crease of the eyelid, where it blends in with the darker shade. Then apply the light color on the crease of the eyelid and blend it towards the eyebrows. As a last step, apply a large amount of deep black mascara to your lashes, and your eye-catching green smoky eyes are ready!

But it’s not just the smoky, sparkling eyes that create a memorable look – if smoky eyes are a little “too much” for you, you can also try a sleek eyeliner in a rich emerald green. Creamy Lightweight Gel Liner by Laura Mercier or Smashbox and Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Pencil in Shimmering Metallic ‘Forest’ are great for this: after foundation and a thorough powder, so the eyeliner remains instead, a line pulls hard on the lash line and lets it fade in an extra dramatic way with an eccentric 1950s curve, or in a classic straight way.

The perfect companion for bright green Christmas eyes

If your eyes sparkle in one of our shades of green, now is the time to find the right companion, that is, the right lipstick for sparkling eye makeup. And again, there’s really only one basic rule of thumb: stick to your “cool” or “warm” color group and pick a lipstick from these, then the color is guaranteed to harmonize with the glow of your green eyes.

Go for cool, silver green hues: Cool plum undertones with a metallic sheen like Maybelline’s “Moisturizer Extreme” in “Silver Plum”, matte nude tones with an icy mauve tint like Tom Ford’s “Lip Color” in “Indian Rose” and a cool, violet bronze and brilliant. like Estée Lauder’s “Pure Color Lipstick” in “Crystal Bronze”.

Go with warm, gold or beige undertones: Exciting, bright and warm orange tones, such as Bobbi Brown’s “Lip Color” in “07 Orange”, Bobbi Brown’s golden brown “High Shimmer” in “Beige Gold Shimmer” and Collistar’s earthy bronze “Top Gloss” in “Pearly bronze”.

Tip: Refine, like the icing on the cake for a perfect Christmas makeup, your nails with a noble lacquer in bronze or gold.

Ready for your glamorous, evergreen look? Then browse our image gallery here and find out all about the beautiful green beauty products you need for this makeup.