¡Oh no!  Prohibición de teléfonos celulares en la piscina

Oh no! Cell phone ban in the pool

Oh no!  Cell phone ban in the pool

It is difficult to enforce a blanket ban on mobile phones in swimming pools

Summer is coming and everyone wants to go Outdoor pool. But this year there is a surprise in the entrances. In some Swimming pools hang signs with a Cell phone ban. More and more operators of swimming pools and bathing lakes want to ban smartphones and tablets so that photo clamps no longer have a chance. However, implementing such a ban is hardly feasible in reality. In addition, there is a lack of personnel to carry out the controls.

Therefore, it is very difficult to enforce a blanket ban on mobile phones. However, there is one rule that applies to almost all pools: only family members can be photographed. However, many pools have issued a blanket photo ban.

Solution: free camsticks at the entrance

The stickers are supposed to help enforce the ban. Example: That Offenbach Forest Pool in Hesse forces its guests to use camera lenses on mobile phones and tablets with a small Camsticker Unmask. The small stickers are available to take away for free at the register. Anyone who takes photos anyway gets a warning and gets kicked out if they violate the second time.

The aim of the photography ban is to prevent visitors from being accidentally photographed in bikini and to protect minors. An operator from “NWZ”: “In the pool, it’s easy to play on guests’ feelings of shame when someone else takes their photo. The pool is different from the pedestrian zone.

Selfies from the edge of the pool, the reckless jump from the 5-meter board or a picnic with friends in the meadow – all this may no longer be photographed in the future. If we’re honest, that’s not a bad idea, right? Who wants to circulate a photo of you in a bikini in which, in the worst case, you can see too much? We are curious to see if the photography ban really works. Instagram currently lists more than 68,000 photos with the Hashtag outdoor pool in.

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