¡Oh no!  Justin Bieber se toma un descanso

Oh no! Justin Bieber takes a break

Oh no!  Justin Bieber takes a break

However, it will not take this immediately, but first after the end of your tour of purpose. Before that, however, he wants to do something nice for his fans. He recently posted on Twitter that he working on something special. An insider has told the Daily Mirror that this would be exchange new musicwho just recorded in Los Angeles. The informant also wants to know that after travel for a year wants to recover from all stress.

Is stress to blame for Justin’s behavior?

If this is really true and Justin is or has become too stressful, that could also be the trigger for his strange behavior lately. Constant stress can have a massive impact and also restrict people’s lives and behavior.

Signs that Justin Bieber was overworked allegedly spotted Paris Jackson at one of his concerts. According to this, he seemed very tired and was only playing one step at a time. It reminded him of his father Michael Jackson, who also had the same promoter as Justin. Is it just a coincidence? Acquaintances deny it and think it is okay. So it only remains to see how everything unfolds and if Justin will really be traveling for a year.

+++ Justin Bieber: “Instagram is for the devil” +++

Now he’s going completely crazy: at a concert in London, Justin Bieber announced that Instagram was made for the devil. He recently created a bad mood in the audience by leaving the stage when screaming from his fans got on his nerves.

“Who do you think should get my Instagram account back?”the 22-year-old asked the audience Tuesday night in London, after which shouts of joy erupted. “No, I don’t want to get my Instagram back at all. Instagram is for the devil. I’m sure of that. I think hell is Instagram. I am 90% sure. We’re going to hell and we’re going to be on one Instagram servers included. Get blocked in direct messages “.

Just a month ago, Justin Bieber was booed at his concert in Manchester on Sunday night. Angry, he dropped the microphone and left the stage.

A few minutes after his outburst of anger, Justin Bieber came back and said: “Manchester can’t seem to handle my talk so I won’t talk anymore.” Y: “I don’t want the yelling so that when I look into your eyes, you can see that we are sharing a moment and we have a connection.”

“I had the feeling that you did not show me the same respect and that hurts”

At the end of the program, he stated: “The reason I was so angry before is because I have traveled the world to be here and dedicate my life to acting and making people smile. I felt that it was me. it doesn’t show the same respect and it hurts. But I’ll still play the last song for you… baby. “

He gave three concerts in total in Manchester. He had already warned his fans there on Thursday: “I thought I had a moment to tell you guys. But if you want it that way, I’ll drop this shit. I make an effort for you, but if you want, I will only play music. “