¡Oh es por eso!  Rebel Wilson es DICK en el negocio

Oh that’s why! Rebel Wilson is DICK in the business

Oh that's why!  Rebel Wilson is DICK in the business

Secret of success

Rebel Wilson became an overnight star with her role as Fat Amy on the American comedy “Pitch Perfect.” Now the Australian reveals her secret to success: her figure!

Rebel Wilson is convinced: fat women are more fun!

Like so many other Hollywood stars, Rebel Wilson capitalizes on her curves. That these are a bit fancier than most of your female colleagues, for free. “I see the size of my dress as an advantage, whereas many other women see it as a disadvantage,” said the Australian herself in an interview with the British Telegraph about her weight. It was a more or less conscious decision to put on a few kilos, according to the actress. While writing her first screenplay, Rebel Wilson found that they laughed more at a colleague’s jokes than her own and wondered why: “I remember clearly thinking: because she’s fatter.” And then, I don’t know if I was really aware of it, I thought, ‘How can I make them laugh more? Maybe if he was a little fatter… ‘And suddenly he was fatter and he was doing comedies.

A recipe for success that apparently worked: After her role in “Pitch Perfect,” Rebel Wilson was cast in two more sequels to the surprise hit, although she was allegedly even contractually prohibited from taking any weight between takes. But not only her figure seems to contribute to the success of the Australian, her talent to improvise is also paying off in Hollywood. “I think one of the main reasons they hire me is because [die Produzenten] I know I will decorate the script, “reveals actress Fat Amy to the” Telegraph. “And I think if you don’t have that skill in Hollywood, you can’t last long in comedies.”

On the way to the Oscar

Rebel Wilson is without a doubt a phenomenon. It’s hard to believe that the actress has only been around Hollywood for almost five years. But Wilson has not only a talent for comedy, but also a clear goal in mind: He wants to win an Oscar. “So I have to move on to the drama,” the Australian sums up her dilemma. “Because I can’t win a damn Oscar with ‘Pitch Perfect 3’, right?” To this end, the blonde entrepreneur has already founded her own production company and hopes to start shooting three projects next year.

Regardless of whether it’s comedy or drama – Rebel Wilson certainly won’t have a hard time continuing to inspire audiences.

Image Source: Getty Images / Ian Gavan