¡Ay!  Este episodio de GNTM fue el clímax de la vergüenza extranjera

Oh! This episode of GNTM was the climax of foreign shame

In the meantime, we were allowed to hear three candidates performing SingStar, and yes, it was actually a casting. After all, boring auditions are out of the question.

Cro at GNTM 2018

Of course, Heidi kept the best for herself until last. “Nobody knows what it is like, but everyone knows who he is referring to.” N / A? Do you know who it refers to? The Stuttgart Rapper cro He briefly held his panda mask to the ProSieben chamber and performed a song for the candidates’ decision dance. Here too my hips had to move again. And here we also feel a chaos of emotions. Since “Oh my God!” above “I’m laughing tired” until “WTF” everything was there. And while we’ve always valued the “Once Around the World” singer, we wonder if he really did this performance voluntarily. Somehow, his discomfort was quite obvious.

Either way, we are very happy that we survived this episode of GNTM and can now recover until the next episode. Because then there are naked men, completely naked. Foreign shame is 100% pre-programmed.

These girls protest GNTM with a song and cause quite a stir. Here you can see it.