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Oktoberfest hairstyle

wantedon 08/20/2014 | 14:22

Even if Oktoberfest is named after the month of October, the ringing at Oktoberfest, as the world’s largest folk festival in the Bavarian dialect is called, is often played in September. Therefore, in August it will be time for women to think about a suitable hairstyle and look for Oktoberfest. With this classic Oktoberfest hairstyle, we guarantee you will turn heads.

Brezn, beef sausage, a liter of beer and lots of firewood in front of the hut – Oktoberfest is just around the corner and you still have no idea of ​​the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle? We’ll help you out of styling misery and introduce you to the Gretel look from Munich star hairdresser Thomas Kemper. A classic reinterpreted! This year also everything will be wrapped, braided and attached. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a hairstyling pro to conjure up the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle.

Wiesn hairstyle: the right look for the dirndl

Oktoberfest is not only popular with Germans, but also in neighboring countries and with tourists from all over the world. Year after year, more than 7 million visitors from all nations frolic at Munich’s Theresienwiese, a first-rate spectacle. It goes without saying that you want to turn heads with your Oktoberfest hairstyle. “See and be seen” is the motto not just among Oktoberfest VIPs like Verena Kerth, Lena Gercke, Frauke Ludowig, Sylvie Meis or the Geissens, who want to outdo each other in terms of style and the new Oktoberfest hairstyle. And for you to have a chance of a place in one of the famous festival tents with your Oktoberfest hairstyle, you need to choose the right style for the hearty dirndl. What could be more obvious than a popular braided hairstyle?

Wiesn hairstyle in Gretchen style

The braided Gretelzopf belongs to the dirndl like the Maß beer to the Oktoberfest. When he says “O’zapft is!” Once again, like every year, the guys with their gingerbread hearts and caramel apples will be lining up because you impress with your elegant Oktoberfest hairstyle and wonderful cleavage. Star hairdresser Thomas Kemper, one of the most sought-after Oktoberfest stylists in Bavaria, has the Gretelzopf reinterprets and demonstrates in his DIY photo series how the stylish appearance of a hairdresser can easily turn into a self-made miracle.. Step by step, you can follow the hair specialist’s DIY recordings and easily reshape the trendy Gretel braid. This will be your Oktoberfest hairstyle!

The new braiding trends combined in an Oktoberfest hairstyle

Braids are a must at Oktoberfest, after all, like no other hairstyle, they symbolize the popular spirit of the world’s largest fair. But not all pigtails are created equal, and modern versions of the Oktoberfest hairstyle have nothing to do with the charm of a peasant woman. Check it out in our photo series to get the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle, which you can easily style yourself, as long as you have shoulder length hair. If you have a short haircut, artificial hairpieces or extensions are essential for a successful look.

Oktoberfest hairstyle step 1) First of all, brush your hair vigorously and divide the front part of the pony from the rest of the hair, as shown in the picture. You tie your hair back in a ponytail. So far so good …

Oktoberfest hairstyle step 2) Now start braiding two small peasant braids of the pony hair, on either side of the sectioned hair section. You twist the central section of the pony hair into a large one and pin it at the back of the head. Braid the part that hangs down from the quiff into a normal ponytail and tie it with a small hair tie.

Oktoberfest hairstyle step 3) Using the rest of the hair from the ponytail, braid several braids of the same size and pin them into a bun one after the other. With the two braids on the top of the head round the Oktoberfest hairstyle. The Gretelzopf 2.0 is ready!

Looking for more ideas for the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle? Then click through our photo gallery and be inspired by the looks of star hairdresser Thomas Kemper.

In just three steps to the perfect Oktoberfest hairstyle – Thomas Kemper showed it, you can easily copy it. Envious looks and numerous compliments are guaranteed with this extravagant yet abundant hairstyle. Because the Wiesn hairstyle in a braided look combines tradition and modernity.

Image source: LʻOréal / Thomas Kemper