Champú y acondicionador de Olaplex: ¿nuevas curas milagrosas?

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner: New Miracle Cures?

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner: New Miracle Cures?

Our test:

For some years now, Olaplex has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to hair care and hair structure improvement. Now there is a shampoo and conditioner with the active ingredient Olaplex patented 8 times; we have tried both.

The 8 Olaplex products

Initially, the Olaplex family consisted of three members, but now more have been added. The numbers 1 and 2 are intended for use in hairdressers, while you can stock up on 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 at home.

Each bottle contains 250 ml of the best Olaplex product.

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Olaplex 4 and 5: Our experiences

I tried Olaplex shampoo and conditioner for a week, my colleague Susi for two weeks. You can get the number 4 * and number 5 on Amazon *, where they usually cost between 20 and 30 euros each, but they are also offered more frequently.


The application of Olaplex No.4 and No.5 is very simple. First, like any other, the shampoo is massaged into damp hair and rinsed off again. The conditioner is then applied to the lengths and ends of the hair and washes off thoroughly after three minutes of exposure.

tip: Olaplex recommends first massaging Olaplex No. 3 into damp hair and leaving it on for at least 10 minutes. After rinsing the product, you can proceed to numbers 4 and 5. How to effectively care for your hair with the three household items.

Consistency and smell

You only need hazelnut-sized amounts of both products, as they are so thick and inexpensive. In view of the relatively high price, this is definitely an advantage because shampoo and conditioner are sufficient for some applications. The scent is different from conventional hair care products and is less dominated by artificial perfumes. You need to get used to at first, but you get used to it quickly.

After a week of use (right) you don’t see much of an effect on me, but the ends of the hair look less worn.

First impression after washing

Olaplex No. 4 and 5 are free of sulfates, parabens and silicones. This is also noticeable: after application, the hair initially does not feel as flexible as after using products with silicones. However, these only seem to ensure that the hair looks healthier. However, our hair is not as straw-colored after using Olaplex as it is after washing and caring for cheaper products without these harmful substances. Also, at least my hair squeaked a bit when wet, so it felt really clean.

The ends of my hair before using Olaplex (left) and after: the ends of the hair actually look much less brittle up close.

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Our conclusion after the test phase

Susi noticed it after the first hair wash and I after the second: the hair somehow feels smoother and healthier. After a week or two they are definitely stronger and shine a little brighter. Susi was also afraid that her rose-colored hair would lose color quickly if she did not use a color-treated hair shampoo, but the tone remained. The “Color Safe” seal is not just an empty promise.

With Susi you can see the biggest difference: after 2 weeks (right) the hair looks smoother and healthier.

My colleague and I can definitely recommend Olaplex No.4 and No.5, at least in combination, as we cannot judge whether just one of the products is sufficient. However, the shampoo and conditioner are quite expensive, which is a minor inconvenience. Can you imagine spending so much money on hair care and trying Olaplex? Let us know in the comments!