Oliver Tienken: "Curvy debe estar representado con más fuerza"

Oliver Tienken: “Curvy must be represented more strongly”

Oliver Tienken: "Curvy should be represented more strongly"

Season 3 of “Curvy Supermodel” begins on RTL II on July 26. We caught up with Oliver Tienken, model, choreographer, and new juror on the casting show, and we asked him what makes him a Curvy model. what to expect in the new season and if it’s time for curvy male models.

Desired: You will be a member of the “Curvy Supermodel” jury, first of all, congratulations! What is it about the show that convinces you so much that you were there right away?

Oliver: I think that the theme of curves is still something that needs to be represented more strongly in society. Curvy models can be a role model for many women. And that’s particularly interesting to me and that’s why I think it’s great when society doesn’t just recognize size 34 women as beautiful.

What does curves mean to you?

When you see a slim model and there is a lady standing next to her who may be wearing a 38, then I often cannot tell the difference. Many people already say, “That could be a Curvy.” But actually, in my opinion, it’s still not correct. I have to be able to tell that the girl has certain curves, otherwise it is implausible. A certain size does not matter. And when I walk the streets, most women have curves too. I rarely see someone with 34 on the street. Not that I don’t think that’s beautiful, but I think a 44 is just as beautiful. And for me they just represent the real woman. And that’s curvy to me. A woman who has a bit of curves all over her and is still super pretty and sexy, radiating joie de vivre. And that is exactly what we are looking for in the show!

Have you followed “Curvy Supermodel” before and to what extent do you think your opinion will be different from Angelina, Jana Ina and Jan Kralitschka?

Of course, I have looked at everything! And when I knew that I could be there myself, of course I went through everything again to know what to expect. He was definitely very excited. I just wanted to get the job done right. I take this very seriously and want the best girl to win in the end. And that all the girls are happy too, of course, and that I can help and support them. To improve. And the viewer, of course, should see that Oliver can help the girls with his experience.

The jury team: Jana Ina Zarrella, Jan Kralitschka, Angelina Kirsch and Oliver Tienken.

How do you see your role as a member of the jury?

I think we have different requirements or experience. Angelina lives the life every candidate dreams of. They all want to be like them. And she is the most successful curvy model in Germany. So, of course, it is very clear that she is on the jury. Jana Ina has a lot of media and modeling experience and can be very supportive here. Jan is incredibly good at this business and has been around for a long time. You can give young girls some good casting advice. And I am responsible for the catwalk. Catwalk has always been my great passion and I am very happy to be able to support the girls there.

What does a successful curvy model have to be able to do for you?

I think if someone approaches us on the catwalk, then with this girl there is something or not. Sometimes it’s the eyes, the focus, the way you move, or the way your body feels. Sometimes it is just a detail. Beautiful hair or your curves. There has to be something of everything for me to be impressed. But I think for me personally, it’s actually the focus and energy that a person exudes. You can get me so excited that I tell you, I definitely have to see the girl again.

You yourself have worked as a model for several years. Do you feel this change, that little by little we are noticing in society, that there are very different types of women and that not only one is the right one, but also in the fashion industry?

So I feel that in the fashion industry. I work a lot with Curvys as a choreographer. The fact that Curvys and Skinnys run together at shows is nothing new to me. But I experience in society, even when talking to friends or acquaintances, which for many is still not a matter of course. Many say: Oh, it’s so pretty, but if only it wasn’t so strong. Whenever I hear that, I think how sorry it is. And above all, that’s not right either. And that is why the program is so important. The public should see that curves are also a form of beauty. Girls don’t have to lose weight to be successful in the fashion industry.

Do you think we need a new ideal of beauty in the male modeling industry? Because if we’re honest, most men are pretty well trained too.

I definitely think so. In general, in the fashion industry, men are not as well known as women. One remembers names like Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista or Ashley Graham in the Curvy. There are already men in America who have done it. In Germany, in fact, we are a little behind. It would be great if men could be a little more successful and of course if fashion agencies and magazines pushed this further.

The reviews of “Curvy Supermodel” have been quite harsh in recent years. Do you think that in Germany we are not far enough away for a show with curves like this or do you think shows like this will always be offensive?

I think Germany is absolutely ready for it and something groundbreaking happened during the first and second seasons. And now, in season three, it’s gotten a lot better! Even more candidates have applied and this gives us a completely different selection. So I think the audience will honor the show even more and we will be even more popular. I hope the audience understands that this is a job where you can be incredibly successful. And I would be glad if it got more and more quiet that someone who has curves is not beautiful enough or cannot work in the fashion industry.

Thank you for the interview !

“Curvy Supermodel”, starting July 26, every Thursday at 8.15pm on RTL II