En Android 11, puede enviar reseñas de Play Store sin salir de la aplicación.

On Android 11, you can submit Play Store reviews without leaving the app.

On Android 11, you can submit Play Store reviews without leaving the app.

It might be useful for app creators, but this feature is annoying for users. However, Google asks developers to use the tool sensibly.

Over the course of # 11WeeksOfAndroid, Google released another innovation that we can look forward to with Android 11. It’s a feature that iOS users have been familiar with for a long time, namely the ability to rate apps without leaving them.

For many developers, ratings and reviews are an important point of contact with users. Millions of reviews are left on Google Play every day, giving developers valuable insight into what users love and what they want to improve. Users also rely on ratings and reviews to help them decide which apps and games are right for them. […]

But one of the most requested features by developers has been giving users the ability to leave a review from within the app, without having to go back to the App Details page. So today we are excited to release the new in-app review API to address that need.

If developers incorporate this feature accordingly, a sliding panel appears at the bottom edge of the screen, requesting rating based on the existing 5-star system. If you’ve decided on a rating, a text field appears where you can lose more thoughts or justify why you decided on this number of stars. However, this is optional.

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Google to developers: don’t worry

Below are two buttons: one that closes the panel again and moves it to a later point in time, the other to send the rating to the Play Store. Google encourages developers not to bother users with app reviews. They should only appear when you reopen the app after a long time.

The data protection aspect plays an important role here as well, so developers cannot see exactly who is leaving a review through this interface. There is also a limit to how often the interface can be used so that they don’t appear too often if you don’t want to check.


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