One Direction: ¿Los chicos son demasiado mimados?

One Direction: Are boys too spoiled?

One Direction: Are boys too spoiled?

Too spoiled?

wantedon 01/12/2015 | 15:38

More than one superstar has earned a golden nose with music. The guys from One Direction don’t have to worry about their future either. But what do Harry Styles and company really spend their millions on?

They are among the most successful boy bands in the world. The five guys from One Direction earn a lot of money accordingly. But if you think Brit Boys at this age would rather spend their hard-earned money on expensive cars, watches, and clothes, you’ve come to the wrong direction with One Direction. According to “UnrealityTV”, the guys at One Direction prefer to invest in luxury real estate, both in their home country, England, and in the United States.

One Direction is one of the most successful bands in the world.

The largest member of “One Direction” is Liam Payne, “UnrealityTV” quotes a fan account. The singer is said to have spent a whopping £ 5.1 million on a home in southern England. He is followed by “One Direction” heartthrob Harry Styles, who bought a property for 2.9 million pounds. While Louis Tomlinson is in the golden mean at 2.5, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik spent at least 2.2 million pounds. However, it is said that Harry and Louis shot the bird in a joint purchase.One Direction: Harry and Louis share a villa

Since One Direction harmonized perfectly not only musically but also as a friend, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson moved in together without further ado. The two singers pay an impressive amount of 4,200 euros per month for their coexistence – and get a lot for it. The One Direction children’s home includes a fitness room, numerous bedrooms, and last but not least 24-hour security.

Yes, life is not bad as a superstar! Given what One Direction singers are spending on their properties, we don’t have to worry about ending up broke on the streets at some point. Investing money in real estate is not a bad idea at all: exemplars, these guys …

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