One Direction: peleas en el escenario

One Direction: fights on stage

Fight on stage

wantedthe 01/09/2014 | 17:26

The atmosphere in Chicago heated up over the weekend, but in two ways: on the one hand, One Direction performed in front of thousands and thousands of screaming fans and, on the other hand, the young people offered their fans an exalted show that no one will forget. soon. The One Direction guys were unusually loaded. Is there a fight between the singers?

The highlight of the One Direction concert was, contrary to expectations, not listening to the most successful songs of the teenage stars, but the behavior of the boy band. The strange appearance of the Brit Boys culminated in the situation in which Louis Tomlinson felt almost painfully the foot of Liam Payne. Was the mishap just a bad joke or is there a serious backstage crisis?

One Direction: Is there a crisis among the Sunnyboys?

As life progresses, stars like the members of One Direction are not without arguments. One Direction fans in Chicago also seem to have felt that there may be a tense atmosphere between members of a group. During the concert, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne raged wildly and uninhibited on stage, regardless of their colleague Louis Tomlinson. This was almost knocked to the ground by the two of them.

One Direction: Was Louis Tomlinson’s Attack Really An Accident?

Now, it’s not just concert-goers who wonder if the attack on bandmate Louis Tomlinson was just an accident or if the One Direction Sweeties really have to resolve internal power struggles. A video from a One Direction fan could shed light on the delicate situation, showing Zayn Malik throwing his bandmate Liam Payne over his shoulder and throwing him into the air. Louis Tomlinson was probably the unlucky person of the night because the two whirlwinds couldn’t see him properly from the corner. The One Direction singer was able to prevent an accident by reacting quickly by bending over at the right time. Luck! After this brief moment of commotion, the One Direction concert was again a little quieter.

Wouldn’t it be strange if there wasn’t a dispute in One Direction as well? At least the guys shouldn’t show their flaws on stage in public, but in the backstage area… The stars of One Direction are only five different characters, so tensions can arise.

Image Source: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images