One Direction-Louis: ¿Pronto será dueño de un club de fútbol?

One Direction-Louis: Will you soon own a soccer club?

One Direction-Louis: Will You Soon Own A Soccer Club?

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wantedon 06/01/2014 | 12:15

One Direction appeal Louis Tomlinson has been a fan of British football club Doncaster Rovers for several years. Since the club is currently not doing well, the 22-year-old should want to buy the rovers!

What shoes, bags and accessories are for women, their football clubs are for men. One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is there too declared fan and especially the Doncaster Rovers.

Is One Direction-Louis going to own a soccer club?

And while we’d spend a lot of money on heels, dancers, and company, true fans would probably do just about anything for their club. And since One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has the opportunity, he should now think about helping the Rovers financially., reports the “Sun”.One Direction-Louis gives it his all for his club

One Direction hottie Louis’ plans should be pretty specific, the “Sun” continues. “He’s putting everything there,” a source told the British newspaper. The One Direction star is also in contact with John Ryan, the former owner of the club. “John is the brain of the company. He has an incredible experience and Louis learns a lot from him. They want the deal to be completed in July, in time for the new season to begin. It’s in an advanced stage, ”the insider continued, telling the Sun about One Direction-Louis’ plans.From fan to club owner: The love of One Direction-Louis fans seems to be truly limitless. We can understand! After all, we would give a lot for Louboutin, Louis Vuitton and Chanel.Image Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images