Los tatuajes de una línea son tan hermosos

One line tattoos are so beautiful

Filigree art:

Minimalist tattoos are very fashionable. So-called one-line tattoos, in which the entire motif only consists of a single continuous line, are particularly popular at the moment. We will show you how beautiful simple tattoos can look!

That is what makes One Line Tattoos so special.

One line tattoos, also called single line or fine line tattoos, are particularly delicate and filigree. They are less noticeable than large and highly structured motifs and, above all, they hurt less because they only consist of thin contours. The solid line creates unique ornamental motifs such as faces, plants or animals. Usually the line, which can be even narrower in places, is black, but it can also be colored.

Where does the trend come from?

Small, minimalist tattoos have been popular for a long time. For this reason, more and more people dare to go to the tattoo studio, because tattoos no longer have to be flashy and large. Tattoo artist Mo Ganji from Berlin has also recognized this trend, and is said to be one of the first to make one-line tattoos for his clients in this way. However, linear motifs have long been found everywhere, whether in the form of jewelry or printed on T-shirts. Similar styles currently popular are geometric and origami tattoos, which mostly consist of fine outlines.

You should pay attention to this when you have the puncture.

If you also want to wear an a-line tattoo on your skin, you should choose the tattoo studio more specifically than for a conventional motif. It is best to go to a tattoo artist who is experienced in piercing single line tattoos, because this definitely requires manual skills. Better to show you working samples and bring printed sample pictures or your desired motif as a picture on your mobile phone.

The Pros and Cons of One Line Tattoos

They are definitely beautiful, we all agree. But single-line tattoos also have their downsides:

  • They can fade faster over the years.
  • It is most noticeable when fine lines lose pigment; This can quickly create gaps.
  • The prick requires a lot of skill.

On the other hand, however, there are some advantages of discreet tattoos:

  • They can easily expand later and never appear knocked over.
  • If you don’t like them, then they can be removed more easily with the laser.
  • They can be updated more easily when they fade than complex themes.

Do you love one line tattoos as much as we do? Would you like to have one too, or maybe you already have one? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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