Apple iPhone XS

One year with the iPhone XS: it just works

Apple iPhone XS

Goodbye, dear iPhone XS. Today the day has come when I have to say goodbye to you. It hurts a little. On the other hand, now I’m looking forward to something new. To put it bluntly, one could say at this point: The hard fate of a specialist mobile communications editor …

The iPhone XS as a business phone

In recent months, the iPhone XS has been my daily companion. Like a business cell phone almost every day. In my private life, I currently use an Honor View 20, and overall I am completely satisfied with it. The iPhone XS was a great help to me for that reason alone, so as not to lose sight of the continued development of the Apple iOS operating system by both professional and private interests.

But that’s only a marginal issue at the moment. Much more exciting is the question of how the iPhone XS fared in (almost) daily use. And here I can sum it up in a few words: really good. And not only in the first months, but also today.

Because if you choose an iPhone, you have to pay a relatively high price for it. On the other hand, there is a smartphone that just works. And largely bug-free. Apple generally fixes minor bugs quickly in the form of software updates. Recently, for example, seen in the buggy update of iOS 13.

Major problems? I just don’t recall having any in one day. I would like to criticize this at this time. But you’d be lying if you reported even a major software glitch on the iPhone XS. The smartphone just works. And without significant restrictions. Software and hardware are coordinated in an almost perfect symbiosis. This is exactly one of the reasons why there are so many iPhone fans.

Cons of the iPhone XS: yes, there are

But of course there are also things about the iPhone XS that did not convince me to the end. For example, there is the battery life. When I headed to the IAA in Frankfurt for the digital interior, for example, and took a lot of photos and videos during the fair, I couldn’t get through the day without a power bank. In the last twelve months, the battery capacity was insufficient for many days to make ends meet.

And the comparatively large cutout on the top edge of the display (notch) was a thorn in my side in some situations. Not in everyday life when I’ve used normal apps on my cell phone or browsed the internet. You get used to the screen gap pretty quickly. The notch really annoys me with some games or with streaming movies or series. So I think it’s even worse that Apple is also using this notch for the new iPhone 11.

What I also find a bit disappointing: Dual SIM, which is not a real dual SIM. Although you have the option of using two SIM cards in the iPhone XS, Apple has only half implemented this functionality. Because there is only one slot for a physical SIM card. The second SIM must be activated in the form of an eSIM tariff. Problem: many providers in Germany still do not offer an eSIM rate. Why Apple only offers an iPhone with two real SIM slots in China remains a mystery to me.

Would you buy an iPhone XS?

At first I already commented that saying goodbye to the iPhone XS really hurts a bit. I loved using the smartphone. Especially since the camera with its sensor, which has been redesigned compared to the iPhone X, takes very good photos and because the integrated processor simply allows the smartphone to run smoothly in every way. So can you buy the iPhone XS?

Better not. As much as I would like to praise Apple for the development of the iPhone XS, I must say that the smartphone is and will continue to be too expensive for me. With 64GB of storage, and in my opinion that’s really not enough for a smartphone junkie like me these days; Especially since the iPhone XS cannot be expanded with a microSD card, the iPhone XS still costs at least (!) 860 euros outside of eBay. It is available on eBay for prices starting at 825 euros. First I take a deep breath and say: No! To be honest, for me personally it’s not worth it. But of course everyone is welcome to see things differently.

However, from a different point of view, it’s also part of the truth: If you bought the iPhone XS now and maybe sold it again in a year, you’d probably be happy about its high resale value. Because unlike an Android smartphone, iPhones are pleasantly stable in terms of value development. This should always be taken into account when buying a new one.

Disclaimer: The iPhone XS was available in digital format for a year on loan from Telefónica Deutschland. You can find suitable iPhone deals from O2 here.

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