OnePlus 8 Lite detectado: una sorpresa que no es una sorpresa

OnePlus 8 Lite detected: a surprise that is not a surprise

OnePlus is planning three new Android smartphones for spring, a cheaper OnePlus 8 Lite first appeared early on.

OnePlus will introduce three new Android smartphones next spring, in addition to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, as well as a OnePlus 8 Lite. A tangible leak is now circulating, because the established Onleaks have leaked important data and created graphs from it. So we can already see what to expect with the OnePlus 8 Lite.

OLED display and Samsung style

OnePlus is building a lightweight smartphone that is somewhat in the middle in terms of price. € 400 maybe? It is not a big surprise, because today you make money with these devices and no longer with the expensive premium smartphones. Visually, the device is reminiscent of all other new Android phones from Samsung, and the design of the cameras in particular will likely become standard in 2020.

According to 91mobiles / Onleaks, we should still be able to expect an OLED screen and an integrated fingerprint sensor. For the unit I expect a Snapdragon from the 700 series or an earlier model from the 800 series. A 90 Hz display would be a hit for € 400. Perhaps there will be a conception regardless of the expensive equipment early next year. Exciting.