OnePlus 8: el choque de precios esperado

OnePlus 8: Pictures Show Wireless Charger With 30 Watts – OnePlus Reveals Details

For its new OnePlus 8 smartphones, the manufacturer has its own wireless charger at the beginning, which can wirelessly charge half the battery in 30 minutes.

Now the news turns to a wireless charger that will be offered for the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro. At the same time, it is the confirmation that the new generation of OnePlus smartphones can be charged wirelessly for the first time. There is a support for this that is definitely reminiscent of Pixel support. Only the OnePlus variant is much more powerful. The OnePlus 8 Pro’s wireless charging is 30 watts, Leaks says, with the manufacturer confirming more details in an interview with The Verge.

Warp Charge 30 Wireless

50% of the battery needs to be charged wirelessly in just 30 minutes, so some manufacturers can’t even keep up with cables. OnePlus uses a slightly different method than usual to keep heat development low. A small fan was integrated into the charger for this purpose. An optional night mode charges the smartphone more slowly, but without an audible fan.

Transmission in normal mode is 30 watts “fast” because OnePlus hugely increases the voltage. The counterpart is then used on the phone: “In the phone itself there are” isolated charging pumps “connected in series, which reduce the voltage to a value that can be safely pumped into the battery.”

More security and less heat development: These factors should make the OnePlus solution particularly efficient. OnePlus works with Oppo for such technologies, so there are often parallels. That was basically known, now it has been confirmed again in the interview in question.