OnePlus 8 Pro: Boss muestra excelentes fotos por la noche

OnePlus 8 Pro: Boss shows great photos at night

OnePlus 8 Pro: Boss shows great photos at night

OnePlus wants a lot of attention every day, this time one of the bosses posts photos taken of the OnePlus 8 Pro at night.

A few days before the market launch of the new OnePlus smartphones, senior employees will demonstrate more details and information about the high-end smartphones. This includes brand new photos from the built-in cameras, in a big city and probably with night mode on. At the same time, Pete Lau posts these photos in significantly lower quality, said to come from another current flagship smartphone. We save ourselves from publishing these “comparative” photos here.

OnePlus boss shows two photos of OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera

If we understand the terms “ultra wide” and “ultra close” correctly, the first photo was taken with the ultra wide camera and the second photo was probably taken at an unspecified zoom level. In the long run, the photos look great, you have to give it to the new flagship smartphone. But there was probably not a big leap in hardware, but much more in software. In any case, more leaks had already been revealed beforehand.

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