OnePlus X está listo para celebrar su regreso como una nueva serie de teléfonos inteligentes

OnePlus 8 should have a better screen again

OnePlus X is ready to celebrate its return as a new series of smartphones

OnePlus is planning an update for its own smartphone screens, the manufacturer could reveal more about this in the coming days.

OnePlus seems to be making improvements again for the screen of the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro. This time the improvements are so special that there will even be a separate event for them. Regardless, a teaser announces relatively clearly that we can expect something new on January 13. The image and the design lead us to suspect an even better screen for the upcoming OnePlus 8 series. It seems clear what could come.

Exactly one year ago, OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 7 Pro, a new display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. With the newer T models, this display also entered the 7T and thus the base model. And since OnePlus is like that, it was just a preparation for the next step. On the OnePlus 8 Pro, we are very likely to see an AMOLED display with a full 120Hz refresh rate.

Pro model: OnePlus uses 120 instead of 90 Hz

Just because OnePlus will only introduce the new screen next week, people will celebrate being ahead of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Although it is clear that the new devices with the even faster screen will not be presented until May or June. Like so much on OnePlus, it’s good marketing. Because OnePlus doesn’t want to build in less than 90Hz and is planning a OnePlus 8 Lite, expensive devices need an extra sausage again.