OnePlus vuelve a confiar en Google Discover en lugar de en su propio "estante"

OnePlus again relies on Google Discover instead of its own “shelf”

OnePlus again relies on Google Discover instead of its own "shelf"

OnePlus is strengthening its collaboration with Google and is now introducing Google Discover for its own launcher app again for the new 8 series.

With the introduction of the OnePlus 8 (Pro), we noticed a little innovation, because the launcher has now undergone a change that was initially not communicated further. However, so far only on the new OnePlus smartphones, not on the older models. In the recent past, OnePlus has not relied on Google’s app news feed, but has offered its own solution with Shelf as the “zero” side of the home screen.

OnePlus trusts Google more again

Everything else is with the new OnePlus smartphones. To the left of the first page of the home screen, you no longer appear your own shelf solution, but Google’s news service (Discover) that includes the search bar. The reason for this decision is probably the closest association with Google. This has already been noticed in recent months, also because OnePlus was one of the first manufacturers to provide the environment mode for the Google Assistant.

While Huawei has to do without Google entirely, OnePlus, Samsung and other brands are further strengthening their cooperation. As if the whole world had conspired against the Chinese manufacturer. Of course it isn’t, but the situation around Huawei will surely get you thinking.