OnePlus se está intensificando: el nuevo teléfono inteligente podría ser incluso más barato

OnePlus is stepping up: the new smartphone could be even cheaper

Image source: GIGA

After OnePlus recently launched a particularly inexpensive smartphone, it could soon follow the next “cheap cell phone” from the Chinese, at an even lower price. However, when it comes to features, potential buyers need to make some compromises.

OnePlus: the company behind the

With the recently introduced Nord, OnePlus wanted to “go back to the roots” and offer a mobile phone that offered many smartphones for little money. This attempt was also successful, the OnePlus Nord was partly a box office success on Amazon. But even a price tag of 399 euros is too much for some for a mobile device, which is why OnePlus is working on an even cheaper smartphone.

OnePlus’ new “cheap smartphone” discovered

This “cheap cell phone” is said to work with a Snapdragon 460, says a source on Twitter, which is based on the OnePlus source code. The smartphone in question is listed there along with other models. For comparison: the Snapdragon 765G is installed in OnePlus Nord, an eight-core processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.4 GHz, which also supports the fast 5G cellular standard.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 series is traditionally found in entry-level smartphones. So it is obvious that the new OnePlus mobile phone will not keep up with the OnePlus Nord in terms of performance.

OnePlus has an exciting story behind it, with some legendary smartphones:

Won’t the new OnePlus smartphone arrive in Europe?

However, nothing is known about the other hardware of the new budget smartphone from OnePlus. At the very least, the choice of processor should be a sign that the manufacturer would like to lower the price of the OnePlus Nord. Therefore, buyers should be prepared for corresponding cuts in the equipment, in addition to the chip, if it reaches Europe. OnePlus is a major player in India and it could also be that the smartphone is not sold at all in Western markets, but was designed especially for the highly competitive Indian market.