El smartphone con cámaras invisibles

OnePlus shows smartphone with invisible camera

The smartphone with invisible cameras

With exclusive advanced information and a video, OnePlus gives you a first look at what’s behind the OnePlus Concept One.

OnePlus has promised a new smartphone concept for the start of the new year. The first information is already available in advance. In addition to exclusive sketches and details, the manufacturer also shared a first video with us. However, this idea is not particularly new, as it is already being used in a similar way in other areas of everyday life. In short: an electrical signal changes the color of a small pane of glass. If the OnePlus Concept One’s camera is off, the glass darkens and hides the camera sensors.

OnePlus is based on electrochromic glass

As mentioned, it is not new. For development, OnePlus draws on the knowledge of McLaren, which is already more familiar with this topic. The McLaren 720S has this technology for the glass roof built in. Technically, it’s more of a gimmick on smartphones and it’s really only exciting from a hardware designer’s perspective. From today’s perspective, OnePlus doesn’t plan to use this technology across the board any time soon. In fact, in my opinion, it’s something that should stay on people’s minds between smartphone launches.

Of course, there are a multitude of challenges to deployment on such small devices. At OnePlus, however, the idea was deemed interesting enough to be used on a trial basis for smaller devices like smartphones. However, the smartphone has to remain slim, the function has to react extremely quickly, and longevity is still not a far-fetched issue with such glass.

Wired has the following video showing the technology a little more clearly:

Like I said, an interesting visual effect. But no more. OnePlus will show the concept in full in a few days.