OnePlus TV ahora también puede usar Netflix y tiene un nuevo control remoto

OnePlus TV can now use Netflix too and has a new remote

OnePlus TV can now use Netflix too and has a new remote

OnePlus is finally giving its own TVs a Netflix app and a new remote.

OnePlus introduced its first Smart TV in September, but a few things were still missing at first. Including a real remote, the attached model was very reminiscent of the Apple TV remote. The volume control, which is placed on the side, was not particularly well received. OnePlus reacts and now launches a completely new remote control. There are still very few buttons, but in addition to Google Assistant, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube can also be launched directly.

OnePlus TV gets new apps and a new remote

Netflix, that’s new too. The Netflix app will be updated to OnePlus TVs that have already been sold, with new devices pre-installed at the factory. At least now, OnePlus TV would be suitable for international markets as well. However, we still have to be patient, the group has so far not provided any information for sales in the European Economic Area.

OnePlus TV: update changelog

  • Netflix on board!
  • Added setting to directly enter recent “Input Source” at startup
  • Optimized volume adjustment experience to increase or decrease audio volume more comfortably
  • Press the volume up and down buttons at the same time to mute the TV
  • Remote notification of low battery and charge status on TV
  • Optimized pink PQ video issue


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