Teléfonos inteligentes: Oppo proporciona información sobre actualizaciones de seguridad y actualizaciones del sistema aquí

Oppo A91 tested: rise and fall

Smartphones: Oppo provides information on security updates and system updates here

With the A91, Oppo brings an Android smartphone to the golden mean. The test report reveals that it serves both the middle class and the entry-level class.

A91 is the name of Oppo’s latest mid-range smartphone, which should also win a lot of new customers for the smartphone maker here in Germany. It is the beginning of Oppo in Europe, at least in terms of lower price ranges. Oppo only wants 300 euros for this Android phone, the price could drop quickly during the summer and even approach the limit of only 200 euros. The question arose as to whether the 300 euros is okay or should we really wait for the price to drop.

I have had the A91 with me for a few days and have come to a mixed conclusion. If you want to identify a weak point, maybe the built-in Mediatek chip is. At least that’s what he thought beforehand. This processor is not only not state of the art, it also seems to be a roadblock for developers again. The A91 still ships with Android 9 and Android 10 isn’t expected to appear until late in the new year. Probably only a year after the release of Android 10.

  • 6.4-inch AMOLED display, 408 PPI, fingerprint sensor
  • MTK MT6771V, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage
  • 48 MP main camera + ultra wide angle, portrait, mon16 MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 5, LTE, dual SIM
  • 4025 mAh battery, Vooc Flash Charge 3, USB-C
  • Android operating system with Google applications

If you want to evaluate the daily performance of the integrated chip, the result is only slightly less good in comparison. I have a Redmi Note 9S here, which is based on the Snapdragon 720G and just has a much better figure in complex games. Smoother screen overall, with significantly fewer frame drops. The same in everyday life, Qualcomm’s CPU is always a little ahead of the Mediatek competition. If you look at the prices of the device, the Oppo smartphone lags behind at this point.

The optional high performance mode brings some improvements.

AMOLED screen as a trump card, the camera is only enough for snapshots

In everyday life it is similar in other applications, overloaded websites like or can scroll a little better with Qualcomm CPU because it is smoother. It is the commitment to 300 euros if you want a better screen. Either screen or CPU. I would always prefer the AMOLED screen built into the A91. A richer display, better viewing angles, fewer reflections, the generally more three-dimensional effect, and deep black, for me the display is one of the highlights of the Oppo A91.

The integrated fingerprint sensor is surprisingly accurate and fast.

Another important point is the quad camera, whose main sensor has a resolution of 48 MP. Don’t expect miracles. This is a pure snapshot camera that has its usual weaknesses and a few of them. Low light is just one of them, and portrait mode isn’t one of my favorite features either. Manufacturers would like to tell us a little more, but the price range reveals more in advance. Snapshots during the day, sometimes ultra wide angle or macro. You should not wait any longer, otherwise there will be disappointments.

With normal use I would rate the built-in battery as positive, in half an hour Asphalt 9 drains less than 10 percent of the battery. 120 minutes of active screen (YouTube, games, browser) means 79 percent battery remaining. And after several hours of sporadic but normal use to me, it was clear that you should have a great day with the 4000 mAh battery, regardless of whether you like to play games or maybe you don’t do it as often.

Conclusion: lightweight at a low price

299 euros are an advertisement for the hardware offered, which does not always turn out to be a plus in detail. The bottom line is that I am disappointed in the camera, the more convincing the display is. Oppo didn’t make the A91 too big or too heavy, I personally like that. In the jungle of many Android smartphones in this price range, I am particularly bothered by Android software, which was already out of date at the time of market launch. A good device is offered to those who do not attach much importance to this and who also consider the performance of the camera less important.


  • Good AMOLED screen with integrated fingerprint sensor.
  • The case looks light and thin, it is well made.
  • Lots of RAM, lots of data storage.
  • Battery life can do it, charge faster.
  • The Jack connection guarantees freedom.
  • Robust additional features from manufacturer software.


  • System performance sometimes lags behind.
  • The camera gets weak too often.
  • The speaker is weak in the chest.
  • Old factory Android.