El procesador del Pixel 5 se renovó como Snapdragon 768G

Oppo, Xiaomi and Co: Qualcomm adds many partners for new processors

The processor of the Pixel 5 was renewed as Snapdragon 768G

Qualcomm can secure many smartphone partners directly for the introduction of new 5G chipsets.

Qualcomm will release several new premium processors next year. Some partners are already insured for this and only a few are left for Mediatek. Among the strongest brands are, of course, Xiaomi, including Redmi, which announced two new flagship smartphones with Snapdragon 765 and 865. The Redmi K30 5G will be presented in 2019, but of course, that was not all.

5G chips are used everywhere

Motorola, Hmd Global (Nokia) and Oppo have also engaged with Qualcomm on site. While all other manufacturers are rushing towards both platforms, the company behind Nokia is only talking about devices with Snapdragon 765 at the moment. So there won’t be a flagship smartphone from the Nokia brand with the highest possible chipset next year?

Only Samsung and Huawei trust their own solutions, and Samsung in the US has also relied on Qualcomm chips in recent years. The aforementioned Mediatek is having a hard time, although a new 5G platform has already been presented.