Optimizar PS4: los 12 mejores consejos

Optimize PS4: 12 best tips

Optimize PS4: 12 best tips

Image Source: Sony

The PS4 hasn’t had its day yet and there is even a bit more to get out of the console. Some tips can even save you valuable time.

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The new generation of consoles is scheduled for November, PS5 appears. But that’s by no means a reason to keep your PS4 in the attic, because the “old” PlayStation still has room for improvement.

With a few tricks you can optimize your PS4 a bit. Regardless of whether it is a console, controller, or completely different hardware, many features remain unused when the PS4 runs on standard settings.

Here are 12 tips you can use to optimize your PS4 a bit:

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These are the 12 best tips for PlayStation 4

These features can save time, which you can then use to play games, and some are simply for convenience. Sure you knew some, but maybe you have learned some new things.