Mundsoor: Babys sind besonders anfällig

Oral yeast infection: treat the baby properly and protect it from infection

Is oral yeast infection contagious? Cause and sources of infection.

Where does the nasty oral yeast infection come from now? Babies can come into contact with yeast anywhere. In healthy people it is found on the skin and in the mucous membrane area. You can also pass it on, and your baby can easily become infected with oral yeast infection. Since your immune system is not yet fully developed, fungal pathogens spread rapidly.

For example, your baby can become infected with the fungus in the birth canal and develop oral yeast infections. Therefore, it is important to rule out or treat vaginal yeast infections before giving birth.

A Candida albicans infection through the sometimes swollen nipples is common during breastfeeding. But you don’t need to stop breastfeeding right away. However, it is important to discuss your treatment with your doctor. If the path of infection is not broken here, a ping-pong effect can easily occur and your baby will be infected over and over again.

Poor hygiene is also a common cause of oral yeast infection. Therefore, baby pacifiers, bottle nipples or teething rings must always be properly sterilized, otherwise the risk of infection increases.