Orlando Bloom: ¿se enamoró en el set?

Orlando Bloom: did you fall in love on set?

Rumors of love

wanted12/12/2014 | 12:05

Will we soon have a new Hollywood dream couple? Orlando Bloom is currently in Prague with Swedish actress Noomi Rapace for the thriller “Unlocked” in front of the camera. According to rumors, the two should get along very, very well. What happens between them?

Orlando Bloom …

Love on set, that’s normal in Hollywood. When actors grow closer while making a movie together, it’s not uncommon for sparks to fly in their private lives as well. This is why there are so many celebrity couples in the dream factory. According to the latest rumors, the movie Cupid is said to have also hit Orlando Bloom. The chosen one? Noomie rapacewho became known for her role as “Lisbeth Salander” in Stieg Larsson’s filmed trilogy “Millennium”.

As an informant from “OK!” Magazine reports, It is said that he caused a lot between Orlando Bloom and his Swedish colleague during the filming of the thriller “Unlocked.” Off set, the two of you should be spending a lot of time together. “They went to see the sights and met for dinner. There is a special chemistry between them. ” Orlando Bloom is said to be very enthusiastic about his acting colleague, who is three years his junior: “He’s fascinated with her,” reports the American magazine “Star”. Right now, however, there was no talk of a serious relationship, according to the Insider “OK! “Everything is still very fresh and they are not officially together yet. They both remain cautious and don’t know where this intense flirting will take them. But that could be the beginning of a great love. “

… Fell in love with Naomi Rapace?

Orlando Bloom and Noomi Rapace have a lot in common

Orlando Bloom and his ex Miranda Kerr have gone their separate ways for just over a year. He has since gone silent about the “Legolas” actor’s love life. The two have a son named Flynn. Naomi Rapace has already married, from which comes her son Lev. If it worked between the two, your kids would have at least one more playmate. It remains to be seen how the relationship develops.

Those are hot love rumors! We are curious to see if there is anything to the rumors and if Orlando Bloom and Noomi Rapace will soon appear together in public. Until then, fans have been able to admire the 37-year-old since Wednesday as Legolas in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” in the movies.

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