Orlando Bloom se abre a las especulaciones sobre el amor

Orlando Bloom opens up to speculation about love

Orlando Bloom opens up to speculation about love

Totally trapped!

wantedon October 24, 2014 | 16:23

The reason for the speculation about the possible new dream couple in Hollywood was that Orlando Bloom was captured in the vicinity of Selena Gomez at the airport last Monday. Since then, one wonders what is happening among Hollywood stars. Is a love story really emerging between Orlando Bloom and the beautiful Selena Gomez?

Orlando Bloom denies the rumors

Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez certainly hadn’t expected the many buzz when they headed to “We Day” in Vancouver. The two flew to Canada together on Monday to help disadvantaged children there. Until now it was only possible to speculate on what is really happening between them. The international media considered that there could definitely be more than a platonic friendship as more than possible, after all, Orlando Bloom meticulously made sure he had enough distance from his fellow actress at the Los Angeles airport. Is that an indication that the 37-year-old is having a scandal with Justin Bieber’s on-and-off girlfriend? The latter should have some problems with him, after all, the last meeting of Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber in Ibiza did not end in a friendly way …

Orlando Bloom denies love rumors

Selena Gomez: New romance?

But it looks like it will for the foreseeable future give no reason for Justin Bieber to claim ownership, because Orlando Bloom now took a position on speculation for the first time. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was directly attacked by journalists waiting at the Los Angeles airport and asked about his relationship with Selena Gomez. So are the two of you having an affair? “No. We went to ‘We Day’ together “, Clarified Orlando Bloom to “TMZ”. In addition, the 37-year-old assured that he was just a friendship Connect with the attractive Selena Gomez.What exactly is happening between Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez, surely only the two stars know, sooner or later it will show if it really broke out between them. And then no Justin Bieber can interfere.

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