Orlando Bloom visita a refugiados con UNICEF

Orlando Bloom visits refugees with UNICEF

Orlando Bloom visits refugees with UNICEF

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Thorsten trederon 09/30/2015 | 11:19

It is not just ordinary citizens who follow the stream of refugees that is currently spreading to Europe with great interest and willingness to help: the stars and stars of this world also want to do their best to support the people. So Orlando Bloom went to a refugee camp in Macedonia to draw attention to the situation there. Hollywood boyfriend was happy for some touching encounters …

It is not only politicians who have recognized that the refugee crisis in Europe represents one of the greatest challenges of recent decades. More and more Hollywood stars like Orlando Bloom want to use their popularity to do their part to solve problems as quickly as possible. For this reason, the actor of The Lord of the Rings traveled to Macedonia on Tuesday in his capacity as ambassador of the UN children’s aid organization, UNICEF, to draw attention in particular to the dramatic situation of refugee children. “These children have traveled one of the deadliest refugee and migration routes in the world,” Orlando Bloom said in a press release seeking support.

Orlando Bloom supports refugee children

Orlando Bloom didn’t come to Macedonia just to stand out with words of warning. Instead, the 38-year-old immediately got in touch with the refugees currently waiting in Gevgelija, Macedonia, offered people a sympathetic ear for their escape stories and tried, above all, to put a smile on the face of children after stressful weeks. “I have spoken with children who have endured terrible journeys, often in extreme climates and in many cases with the only shoes and clothes they have,” said Orlando Bloom.

Orlando Bloom joins the stream

After Orlando Bloom made himself available for countless selfies, the actor also had a very vivid experience of what life as a refugee feels like. Together with numerous people, he went to the local train station to wait with them for a train to the Serbian border, where the arduous journey of the refugees is far from over. “They are transported from one sphere of influence to the next and exceed numerous limits, without knowing what risks await them. When they finally arrive safely at their destination, they still fear an uncertain future. We have to protect and support them, ”said Orlando Bloom.

Even if that visit can only be a symbol, of course you must salute Orlando Bloom for so much commitment. May you reach as many people as possible with your words.

Image Source: Getty Images / AFP / ARMEND NIMANI