Bolsa de regalos de los Oscar

Oscars Goodie Bag

Also there is still Gift sets, personalized M&M, beauty supplies, fitness training Y Laser treatments. The craziest gift on the bag is probably that “Vampire breast lift”, which consists of injecting your own blood into the chest to increase the volume and tighten the skin. Value of all treatment: approx. 1,700 euros.

+ + Toilet paper and sex toys + +

And these are the funniest gifts Luxury toilet paper in the value of approx. 245 euros and the exclusive Sex toys for all the women. Forgot something? Of course, there are many other probabilities and ends that came to the gift bag. He would like to go to the Oscars, just to get a gift bag so, certainly: absurd. By the way: Many stars get their stuff shipped straight to their homes, no wonder if you take a look at things. Here’s what the stars got last time: