Nuestra reseña cinematográfica de la comedia de zombies "Los muertos no mueren" con Bill Murray, Adam Driver y Selena Gomez

Our cinematic review of the zombie comedy "The dead don’t die" with Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Selena Gomez

Our cinematic review of the zombie comedy "The dead don't die" with Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Selena Gomez

The Cannes Film Festival has started. The world’s most famous film festival was kicked off by Jim Jarmusch’s zombie comedy “The Dead Don’t Die” with Bill Murray and Adam Driver. Our review is now online.

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The trailer for “The Dead Don’t Die” already amazes you. In awe that Jim Jarmusch, of all people, the director of “Permanent Vacation,” “Stranger Than Paradise” and “Down By Law” is putting on a zombie comedy. In awe, because it has such an incredibly well-known cast full of old mates like Bill Murray and Chloë Sevigny (both “Broken Flowers”), Tilda Swinton (“Only Lovers Left Alive”), Adam Driver (“Paterson”), Steve Buscemi ( “Mystery Train”) and Tom Waits (actually he’s always there). Plus, former Disney star Selena Gomez (“Spring Breakers”) is a new young accomplice.

And yet one of the trailers doesn’t take your breath away. The humor seems subdued, almost like being under a hood. The spike lines seem close enough to touch, but then they don’t hit. It’s not that different in the finished movie. But in contrast to the trailer, you can feel Jarmusch’s conscious non-rhythm, his utter disregard for the classic idea of ​​structure and reward. “The Dead Don’t Die” is a film like an atonal jazz piece: despite lineup and genre, definitely not one. Delighted the publicBut fans of Jarmusch’s cold indifference (which has absolutely nothing to do with stoner movies like “Friday” & Co.) still get their money’s worth.

You can find out why this is so in Jim Jarmusch’s extensive FILMSTARTS review “The dead don’t die“.

FILMSTARTS Review of “The Dead Don’t Die”

This is the starting point for our 2019 Cannes Film Festival review. In the coming days, detailed reviews of other festival contributions will appear every day. Among other things, Elton John’s biopic “Rocketman,” “Parasite” (the new movie from “Snowpiercer” director Bong Joon-ho) and a documentary about Diego Maradona that has already received much praise from the start, along with new films by Pedro Almodóvar, Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick, Takashi Miike, Robert Rodríguez, Xavier Dolan and Gaspar Noe were premiered there. And then there’s “Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino.

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