Afuera "Vengadores 4" recortar: papel de "Las chicas muertas no mienten"-¡La estrella Katherine Langford revelada!

Outside "Avengers 4" cut out: paper "Dead girls don’t lie"-Star Katherine Langford Revealed!

Outside "Avengers 4" cut out: paper "Dead girls don't lie"-Star Katherine Langford Revealed!

After it was announced beforehand that Katherine Langford would play a secret role in “Endgame,” she did not appear in the film. Now the directors have revealed in what role she would have been seen …

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for “Avengers 4”!

Our eyes widened, but we still didn’t see her, and when her name didn’t appear in the credits, it finally became clear. that Katherine Langford does not appear in the final version of “Avengers 4: Endgame”, although the participation of the star of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” had previously been officially announced.

Of course, even after the theatrical release of “Avengers 4,” there was still a lot of speculation about his role; for example, we flirted with the theory that, like Kate “Hawkeye” Bishop, she laid the groundwork for the “New Avengers” soon to appear in the MCU. could put. But we were wrong, and with almost all of us who have hypothesized about his role in “Avengers 4” …

The Russo brothers light up

In an interview with the podcast Happy sad confused managing brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have cleared up the matter. By doing so, they not only revealed the role that Katharine Langford played, but also why her appearance was removed from the film after all. Then Joe explains in conversation: “He had the idea that after snapping his finger, Tony Stark would end up in the same place where we saw Thanos at the end of ‘Infinity War’. There should also be a future version of his daughter there. We showed the scene to a test audience, but it was all very confusing for the audience.

Anthony adds: “We realized that there was no emotional connection to the adult version of his daughter. It just didn’t reach us on an emotional level, so we refrained from doing it. ” And then Joe again: “The idea was that his future daughter would forgive him and then he could die in peace.

Right decision

Based on the information in this interview, we can only agree with the Russo brothers. For one of the film’s central emotional moments, it all sounds like an author is just overthinking some corners. After all, the scene is first and foremost about empathizing with Tony and the other Avengers. It would only have distracted you if you had to first invest a large part of your attention to understand at least roughly what is actually happening on the screen.

“Avengers 4: Endgame” is currently showing in German cinemas, and it is also on track to become the most financially successful film of all time at the international box office.

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