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Telefónica Deutschland, which is behind O2, will deliver a 2 x 10 MHz frequency package in the 2.6 GHz range to 1 & 1 Drillisch. 1 & 1 can use the frequencies for 2025 and build its own network in this way. Starting in 2026, 1 & 1 will have its own frequencies, which the provider bought in the summer. O2 receives money for the transfer of frequencies. Companies do not disclose how high the sum is. The frequency transfer is still subject to the official approval of the Federal Network Agency. But that only seems to be a question of form.

However, the O2 does not give up frequencies entirely voluntarily. The release of the frequencies is another requirement of the European Commission as a result of the merger with E-Plus that was completed in 2014. However, according to Telefónica, it also sees this as an opportunity to monetize a small part of its local supply frequencies. . Because even after the frequencies have been delivered, Telefónica claims that it still has a 300 MHz frequency spectrum.

Possibility of national roaming from O2

Thanks to Drillisch, 1 & 1 is already using up to 30 percent of O2’s network capacity. This is also provided for by EU requirements. Furthermore, the conditions state that 1 & 1, as a corresponding partner, has the opportunity to become an operator of an independent network and must also receive O2 frequencies as part of it. According to O2, the announced frequency transfer is also a conditional requirement to be able to use national roaming on the O2 network in the future.

1 & 1 will require domestic roaming, as expansion will take a long time even if you configure your own transmitter masts. On the other hand, due to their properties, the own and borrowed frequencies available are only suitable for supplier cities. When 1 & 1 will put into operation its first transmission mast is fully open. The last time was 2021.