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… What is the painting of the mouse Lilli?

Reply: A bird house!

Yes, hardly imaginable, but this cute birdhouse was originally a blank wooden house.

Great-grandmother gave it to our Lilli because she knows how much we love making crafts. =)

Of course we had to try it immediately!

the Content of the craft set It consisted of the wooden house, a brush, small cans of paint, and a stencil.

Lilli started painting right away and tried very hard to make the birds feel comfortable later.

The result was this miniature format of the Villa Kunterbunt.

I think the result is impressive!

Now all that remains is to find a nice place for the little house!

Maybe you also have a beautiful garden with a matching tree? Then this craft idea is perfect for you!

Coloring is a lot of fun and at the same time you are doing something useful. =)

Greetings to all my readers,

your Mari!

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