Palpar la mama: ¡así es como se reconoce el cáncer de mama!

Palpate the breast: this is how you recognize breast cancer!

Feel the chest – this is how it works

But if you have the feeling that your chest is changing or that you just want to examine yourself, you can feel it to see if you are feeling something that does not belong there. Carefully feel your chest in all directions and also caress your armpits. In the image you can see how you have to feel your chest to feel lumps. You must do this once a month. The optimal time is one week after the start of your menstrual period. The chest is then particularly soft, while it becomes harder again just before bleeding.

1. Observe and feel your chest in different postures: Once standing with your arms raised, your arms resting on your hips and hanging.

2. Examine your chest in the shower. Heat softens the fabric.

3. Touch your breasts while lying down.

Which scan variant you choose is up to you. You can feel your breast in a star shape away from the nipple, in a spiral or upward

Also, examine your nipples and armpits.