Paris Hilton en solitario de nuevo

Paris Hilton solo again

Paris Hilton solo again

The hotel heiress announced a few weeks ago that she was a baseball star Doug reinhardt is very happy. “Everything he does is romantic.“Said Paris,”It is wonderful and we are very happy. He is handsome, intelligent, very well educated and treats me like a princess.“There was even talk of a wedding. Well there’s no guarantee of love, now I know too Doug reinhardt. Paris hilton allegedly chilled him, believing that Doug only abused her for his own purposes. After all, he wants to start as an actor and publicity is what he needs …

Who you should feel sorry for is up to you. The truth is Paris hilton she didn’t wait long and got a new dream boy by her side. Nothing less than a soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo! The two were seen as wild turtles in a Los Angeles club less than 24 hours after the separation from Paris. An eyewitness reports: “They exchanged saliva all night“.

So it was for Paris Y Ronaldo at a spontaneous private party at sister’s house Nicky hilton. Will the two celebrities see each other more often in the future, or will Paris just do it to forget about Doug? One can be curious. The next love story in Paris will certainly not be long in coming …

What you think? Is Paris Hilton’s behavior okay?

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