Paris Hilton: "Victoria Beckham es mi modelo de estilo"

Paris Hilton: “Victoria Beckham is my style model”

Paris Hilton: "Victoria Beckham is my style model"

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wantedon 07/14/2015 | 16:09

Even if Paris Hilton is still criticized as the queen of trash, her style has changed in recent years. She long ago said goodbye to the bright pink ultra-mini dresses, which she sometimes did without the use of underwear, and the matching girlish voice, which rarely produced more than a quiet “That’s sexy! ”. Instead, we meet Paris Hilton, who hasn’t lost her soft spot for sexy looks, meanwhile, in more restrained outfits. Now she told us who influenced this change.

Classic and clean cuts, but still feminine: this is how the style of Victoria Beckham’s fashion line could be described. However, one would not have necessarily expected that she could win over Paris Hilton as a supporter. How can you be wrong? Because now the slim blonde revealed in an interview with “Dare” magazine that she is inspired by a couple of really elegant ladies when it comes to fashion: “I adore Victoria Beckham”, Paris Hilton praised the 41-year-old fashion designer. “I think it’s totally classic and elegant!”

Paris Hilton loves her new, more subdued look

When it comes to her makeup inspirations, Paris Hilton likes to draw inspiration from the icons of the 50s and 60s: “When I work, I like to look very glamorous. I love the big-eyed look of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and I use false lashes and a striking eyeliner in combination with a subtle lip color.“Right now, Paris Hilton is working harder as a DJ and in this job a glamorous gig is a good idea. However, she seems to follow the rule of always putting only the eyes or only the lips in the spotlight when putting on makeup.

Beach hair to the Paris Hilton in 5 minutes

However, when it comes to her everyday style, Paris Hilton prefers a little less effort. In an interview, she revealed about her daily hairstyle: “I have naturally curly hair and because I always live in Ibiza for three months in summer, I just have to put some conditioner in my hair at night, braid two pigtails and then go to bed with himThis simple night treatment works wonders on her sun and wind damaged hair, said Paris Hilton: “When I wake up in the morning I have such beautiful mermaid hair and then I pick it up, it only takes me five minutes.”This interview really came out with some style tips that not only suit party girls like Paris Hilton, but can be used by everyone too! Thanks for that, dear Paris!

Image Source: Getty Images / Valery Hache