Teilzeit-Windelfrei - auf jeden Fall einen Versuch wert

Part-time diaper free: why it made things easier for me since I was born

Teilzeit-Windelfrei - auf jeden Fall einen Versuch wert

For the night of all time, no diapers was a real relief

I’m more of the type of mom whose son pats my face for a few minutes before I wake up. Just five minutes, please! But always at night, holding the potty was a real relief for us.

If I just couldn’t rest at night after breastfeeding, sometimes docking, undocking again, docking again, then I realized after a half-asleep time: maybe I have to. If I then held him over the potty, he could finally do his big business and we both slept undisturbed. Without a free diaper we probably would have tormented ourselves even more.

Even on the go, holding them helped in one situation or another. For example, in the car, when you couldn’t stop crying and didn’t want to sit in the baby seat even after nursing. When I clumsily held him over a bag in the backseat, relief was literally written on his face. Then it took less than two minutes until he fell asleep in the baby seat.