Patricia Kelly habla sobre el cáncer de mama

Patricia Kelly talks about breast cancer

Patricia Kelly talks about breast cancer

Maite Kelly’s sister

wantedthe 14/10/2011 | 18:32

Patricia Kelly has breast cancer

Maite Kelly’s singer and sister, Patricia Kelly, has breast cancer. The cancer diagnosis was made in 2010 and diseased tissue was surgically removed from her right breast. For the first time, Patricia Kelly finds the courage to speak out about the serious illness her mother died of in 1982. With this hereditary predisposition, Patricia’s fear factor is, of course, even greater than it already is.

Patricia Kelly was shocked

In an interview with Stern.TV, Patricia Kelly, 41, recalls the moment she was diagnosed: “It was a state of shock.” Suddenly he understood what his mother had to go through 30 years ago. But he does not want to share his mother’s fate and succumb to an untimely death. His mother’s aggressive illness had already raged when the diagnosis was made, so any help came too late. Patricia Kelly now laughs in the face of death and declares war, because she wants to live! We wish him all the best and hope that he has now overcome the disease.

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