Paul Janke y compañía: ¡Es por eso que las celebridades son parte de "Let's Dance"!

Paul Janke and company: That’s why celebrities are a part of “Let’s Dance”!

Paul Janke and company: That's why celebrities are part of "Let's dance"!


wantedon 03/06/2013 | 11:09

On Friday, April 5, a new season of “Let’s Dance” begins. Former bachelor Paul Janke is also part of the party this time. In front of “”, the former “Bachelor” reveals why he will swing on the dance floor in “Let’s Dance”.

It’s almost time! Then a new season of the dance show “Let’s Dance” begins, in which more or less well-known celebrities want to show their talent for dance. This year also takes the Bachelor Paul janke part. Other comrades in arms include Marijke Amado, Simone ballack Y Balian bush. They all want to participate in the sixth season of the “RTL” show “Let’s Dance” – and for a variety of reasons!

Paul Janke will soon be rehearsing for “Let’s Dance”!

Ten celebrities will be shaking their legs starting Friday, April 5. Paul Janke, who made himself known through the dome program “The Bachelor”, told the online newspaper “” why he was one of the ten candidates: “In the past, I always wanted to take a dance class, but I never really got past football and I can do it from scratch!” Admits Paul Janke. He also optimistically says: “In this sense, I really see as a challenge to learn some ‘Let’s Dance’ and to be able to dance at the end. Paul Janke participates in “Let’s Dance” for a reason: the heartthrob really wants to learn to dance, which of course would not be possible outside of show business …

The candidates of “Let’s Dance” already seem confident of victory

Former host of “Mini Playback Show” Marijke Amado (59) should impress your dance partner more: “This is a fantastic challenge for my condition. And it’s fun, because dancing creates hormones of happiness, ”says the“ Let’s Dance ”participant, who took her first dance steps as a teenager. Marijke Amado sees it as an advantage that, unlike the others, it is a little bigger. actor Manuel Cortez, who also dares to participate in the dance show “Let’s Dance”, participates because he feels like it. “I’m crazy, the first on the dance floor and the last to leave”jokes the star of the series about his participation in “Let’s Dance”. Can you already hear the certainty of victory? We will see very soon if Manuel Cortez is really allowed to be the last!

Famous or not, we are very excited about the sixth season of “Let’s Dance”. Participants like Paul Janke at least all sound optimistic, but, as is well known, pride comes before fall …

Image Source: (c) RTL / Stefan Gregorowius