Paul Walker: ¡Ya está aquí el tráiler de "Furious 7"!

Paul Walker: The trailer for “Furious 7” is here!

Paul Walker: The trailer for "Furious 7"!

Furious 7

wantedon November 3, 2014 | 14:30

November 30 marks the first anniversary of the tragic car accident in which Paul Walker lost his life, but the actor is still remembered by his fans and colleagues. Next year there will be another reason to remember the nice blonde: with the seventh part of the “Fast and Furious” series, the last film with Paul Walker will probably hit theaters …

November this year should be anything but enjoyable for the many Paul Walker fans. After all, the first anniversary of the popular Hollywood actor’s death should be celebrated at the end of the month. So that November is not too difficult for fans of the action star, the producers of “Furious 7”, as the seventh part of the “Fast & Furious” series is supposed to be called, have presented a special treat. On Saturday, the filmmakers released the first trailer for the film, with Paul Walker in the title role!

Paul Walker will return to the cinema soon

In addition to a furious action firework, which, as is customary in the “Fast & Furious” series, includes many fast cars, hard weapons and some accidents and explosions, some attentive fans should also notice some references to Paul’s special story. Walker. “Brian O’Connor,” played by Walker, doesn’t just ask his friend “Dom Toretto,” played by Vin Diesel, before a savage chase begins: “Exactly when you think it couldn’t be better, right? ? ” Also in another sequence, “Dom Toretto” seems to recall Paul Walker asking his colleagues to take a “last trip.”

Paul Walker: will be released again in April 2015

Whether these allusions to Paul Walker are really intentional or just coincidental remains a secret, but one thing is certain: The “Furious 7” crew did their best to fire their late colleague, known on set as Pablo, as a worthy farewell. enable. Vin Diesel recently said on Facebook: “I also have to say it was emotional and bittersweet… We did everything we could to make Pablo proud. I wish I could see what we’ve created and how far we’ve come. ” Paul Walker could hardly have wished for a better farewell.

Check out the first trailer with Paul Walker here:

If heaven really exists, Vin Diesel’s wish will surely come true. After all, hardly any other movie series was as close to Paul Walker’s heart as “The Fast and the Furious.”

Image source: © Getty Images / Ernesto Ruscio Video source: YouTube / Fast & Furoius