Penny y Leonard también eran pareja

Penny and Leonard were also a couple

“Big Bang Theory”

wantedthe 08/11/2013 | 12:37

In “The Big Bang Theory” they play the on-and-off couple Penny and Leonard, and in reality, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were once a couple. They made love for two years, even when the cameras were off, but then they kept their relationship a secret.

“I didn’t want people to be influenced by our relationship when they see ‘The Big Bang Theory,'” Galecki explained the secret in an interview with “CBS Watch!” He was talking about their romance at the time for the first time, while Cuoco had talked about it before.

“I just didn’t want to talk about it. Not to be mysterious, but simply because then there would have been a conflict with the acceptance of Penny and Leonard’s relationship on the show, ”the 38-year-old said. Galecki and Cuoco parted ways in 2009. “We are still good friends. Kaley is not just an ex-girlfriend to me, she has become part of my life. “

Kaley Cuoco in front of the altar soon?

Cuoco got engaged to tennis player Ryan Sweeting in September 2013 after a three-month relationship. It is not known when they want to get married. Galecki has been in a relationship with actress Kelli Garner, whom he met on the set of the television series “Pan Am,” since 2012.